Regulated Fair Pricing

Suppliers are known to exploit companies whose knowledge or expertise in regard to specific products is inadequate or limited thus increasing monthly operational expenses.

ManageIt has united an extensive number of companies spending millions of Rands monthly on the same type of products. This has given ManageIt exceptional influence in the market place with a magnitude of buying power. Based on the exponential growth of ManageIt’s core companies grouping together, we have become a strategic partner in every discipline of procurement, as many companies have the same requirements yet their budgets are not streamlined to allow for itemised procurement.

Each department within a company has procurement requirements.
A member of this department will have been tasked to deal with the day-to-day management of this requirement which ultimately creates a disjointed management process. This is disruptive to the productivity, not only of the relevant department, but to the company as a whole and eventually affecting profitability.

Orders need to be approved and signed off by members of staff who have portfolios other than procurement. This hinders their performance, creates divided attention and could lead to a loss in profitability. This may lead to hasty and irresponsible decision making, so as to allow them to continue with their normal duties.

ManageIt allows companies to redirect their procurement requirements away from these staff members freeing up time for their clients, reduce unnecessary stress and ultimately saving on much needed resources.